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[ sthenyiiuen esthforyn ]

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Intuition at shatterverse is a nineteen-year-old girl who used to be an ageless embodiment of an abstract concept, and is still getting used to the transition. It'll take her a while.

She's also very shiny, and by turns extraordinarily insightful and extraordinarily oblivious. And when she talks like this, she is speaking the absolute truth and everyone who hears her will know it.

If her hair weren't covered in rainbows, it would be blonde. If her eyes weren't covered in rainbows, they'd be blue. I am not, incidentally, Elisabeth Harnois, nor am I Inty. This is a roleplaying journal. For, y'know, fun.

A more in-depth explanation of Inty's powers: She's the living embodiment of the concept of intuition. She isn't psychic in any normal sense of the word, but she picks up on things; for example, special circumstances aside, she always knows the name of anyone she's talking to. She's also a native speaker of any language, and tends sometimes to unconsciously switch between languages spoken by whoever she happens to be conversing with, much to her chagrin. Her rainbow speech is not telepathic in nature; it works by accessing the intuitive capability of the person she's addressing and allowing them to come to whatever realization she offers on their own. It can't be blocked or turned aside, but if Inty reveals something to your character that you don't want her to, let me know and I'll be perfectly happy to retcon things so that she doesn't.